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Support for Spiritual Development

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Spirituality in practice


Below is a listing of organizations engaged in bridging spiritual practice and service in the world.

Centers, councils, and institutes  top^

Agape International Spiritual Center

Founded by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith in 1986, the Center is a trans-denominational spiritual community whose doors are open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation and selfless service to humankind.
Website, linked 08/16

Appeal of Conscience Foundation

This interfaith coalition of business and religious leaders promotes peace, tolerance, and ethnic conflict resolution. The Foundation believes that freedom, democracy and human rights are the fundamental values that give nations of the world their best hope for peace, security, and shared prosperity.
Website, linked 08/16

Baumann Foundation

The Baumann Foundation explores the experience of being human in the context of cognitive science, evolutionary theory and philosophy to foster greater clarity about the human condition.
Website, linked 08/16

Canadian Ashram of Occult and Spiritual Sciences

Focused on merging the best of both Eastern and Western philosophy and thought through study, meditation, and deep introspection, surrounded by an inspirational setting and a spiritual ambiance.
Website, linked 08/16

Center for Consciousness Studies

This Center at the University of Arizona aims to bring together the perspectives of philosophy, the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, the social sciences, medicine, and the physical sciences, the arts and humanities, to move toward an integrated understanding of human consciousness.
Website, linked 08/16

Center for Nonviolent Communication

Located in Albuquerque, NM, USA, CNVC is a global organization that helps people connect compassionately with themselves and one another through Nonviolent Communication language.
CNVC website, linked 08/16

Center for Peace through Culture

Dedicated to advancing a psychology of peace to bridge the boundaries of nationality, race, religion, and gender to create a world enriched rather than divided by diversity. CPC brings people together from various arts, sciences, and philosophies, and from diverse cultures, to explore new ways of thinking and problem solving.     
Website, linked 08/16

Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence

A global initiative to advance the research and practice of spiritual development in young people. The center is intentionally multi-faith, multicultural, interdisciplinary, and international.
Website, linked 08/16

Center for the Sacred Feminine

Supports the exploration, education, and embodiment of all aspects of the Divine Feminine by providing education, support, opportunities, ritual, sacred practice, programs, and using the arts. (Note: now a Face Book Page)
FB website, linked 08/16

Centre for Studies in Religion and Society

A leading interdisciplinary research centre located at the University of Victoria (Victoria, BC, Canada) whose mission is to foster the scholarly study of religion in relation to any and all aspects of society and culture, both contemporary and historical.
Website, linked 08/16

ChildSpirit Institute

ChildSpirit Institute is a non-profit educational, research and service organization dedicated to understanding and nurturing the inner lives of children and adults.
Website, linked 08/16

Co-Intelligence Institute

Works to further the understanding and development of co-intelligence - i.e., our ability to organize our collective affairs more wisely together - through research, networking, and advocacy. The website includes hundreds of interesting and useful articles and references.
Website, linked 08/16

Common Bond Institute

Common Bond Institute working to support international efforts advancing the consciousness of peace and healing by raising the capacity of the individual in society to compassionately transform conflict in their daily lives.
Website, linked 08/16

Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions

Located in Chicago, USA, the CPWR cultivates harmony amoung the world's religious and spiritual communities and fosters their engagement with society and other guiding institutions in order to achieve a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.
CPWR website, linked 08/16

Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education

Located in Vancouver, Canada,the Center is committed to the Dalai Lama's vision "to develop the heart, be compassionate, work for peace in your heart and in the world" and has no religious or political affiliation. It will build upon the Dalai Lama’s unique and compelling appeal as a world figure who reaches out to all people with a message of compassion, kindness and mutual understanding.
Center website, linked 08/16

Dialogue Institute

Trains religious, civic, and academic leaders in the skills of critical thinking and respectful dialogue in order to foster inter-religious and intercultural scholarship, understanding, and cooperation.
Website, linked 08/16

Eastern Tradition Research Institute

Established to trace the Wisdom Tradition in its extant sources, particularly the Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, and Tibetan texts of the Hindu, Jaina, and Buddhist traditions.
Website, linked 08/16

Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace

Formerly the Edinburgh International Centre for World Spiritualities (EICWS), EICSP is a Scottish charity that works with the world's spiritual and faith traditions, both in Scotland and internationally, seeking understandings of the nature of spirituality, and of interspirituality and intraspirituality, in its diversity.
Website, linked 08/16

Edinburgh International Centre for World Spiritualities

The EICWS was founded in May 2000 to provide educational opportunities and an international forum for understanding, experiencing, and participating in the rich diversity of the world's spiritual traditions. The EICWS was an events-led Scottish charity that worked with the world's spiritual and faith traditions, both in Scotland and internationally, seeking understandings of the nature of spirituality, and of interspirituality and intraspirituality, in its diversity. This is now an archive website.
EICWS website, linked 08/16,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Encounter World Religions Centre

Located in Guelph, ON Canada, the Centre offers educational, cultural and spiritual encounters with the world’s religions. Encounter World Religions was honoured as a Gift of Service to the World by the Parliament of World Religions.
Website, linked 08/16

Fetzer Institute

The Institute works to foster awareness of the power of love, forgiveness, and compassion in the emerging global community through research, education, and service programs.
Website, linked 08/16

Gandhi Foundation

Established in 1983 to spread knowledge of the philosophy and teaching of Mahatma Gandhi in Britain, particularly the basic tenet of nonviolence as a positive outgoing belief to bring about fundamental change at all levels, from the interpersonal to relations between states.
Website, linked 08/16

Global Ethic Foundation

Dedicated to inter-cultural, and inter-religious research, education, and encounter, with a link to the Declaration Toward a Global Ethic.
Website, linked 08/16

Global Leadership Foundation

GLF works with others based on the principles of self-realization, collaboration, and stewardship.
Website, linked 08/16

Goi Peace Foundation

Dedicated to promoting a world culture of peace by transcending all boundaries of race, religion, or politics, with a belief that peace begins in the mind of each individual.
Website, linked 08/16

Great Rethinking and The Prophets Conference

The Great Rethinking and The Prophets Conference is an international organization dedicated to assisting in the birthing of a new humanity, and thereby, the realization of the successful cultivation of a sustainable and workable world. The Prophets Conference programs are designed to cultivate spiritual principles and scientific potentials.
Website, linked 08/16

Hechal: Jerusalem Center for Universal Spirituality

This learning centre for right human relations works based on the principle of “Unity in Diversity.” It runs a School introducing the practice of meditation and offering courses aimed at deepening the understanding of human nature in its wholeness and the practice of group relationships. It also works to facilitate the transition into greater integration among the various religious and spiritual communities in Jerusalem and in the world.
Website, linked 08/16

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

IMTD's mission is to promote a collaborative, systems approach to peacebuilding and to facilitate the transformation of deep-rooted social conflict by viewing the process of international peacemaking as a living system involving a web of interconnected activities, individuals, institutions, and communities that operate together for a common goal: a world at peace.
Website, linked 08/16

Institute for Planetary Synthesis

Focuses, through offices worldwide, on reawakening an awareness of spiritual values in daily life, promoting a sense of planetary citizenship, and helping to solve world problems on the basis of spiritual values. Its website links to a wide range of initiatives.
IPS website, linked 08/16

Institute for Research on Unlimited Love

The Institute focuses on the science and spirituality of the unselfish love that shapes the lives of people who find energy and joy in the compassionate service of others. The Institute has initiated collaborations with major national foundations and institutions to explore how unlimited love and creative altruism fit into the makeup of religious traditions, are understood in the humanities and the arts, and inform leadership and education at all levels.
Website, linked 08/16

Institute of Mentalphysics

Mentalphysics offers a wholistic approach to spiritual development; it is an experiential method of self-realization that teaches the oneness of life embodied in all substance, energy and thought.
Website, linked 08/16

inStitute on Religion in an Age of Science

IRAS is a non-denominational, independent society with three purposes: • to promote creative efforts leading to the formulation, in the light of contemporary knowledge, of effective doctrines and practices for human welfare; • to formulate dynamic and positive relationships between the concepts developed by science and the goals and hopes of humanity expressed through religion; • to state human values and contemporary knowledge in such universal and valid terms that they may be understood by all peoples, whatever their cultural background and experience, and provide a basis for world-wide cooperation.
IRAS website, linked 08/16

Integral Life

A branch of the Integral Institute, this Center offers private coaching, transformational media experiences, online community and major global events.
Integral Life website, linked 08/16

Integral Transformative Practice

ITP International (ITPI) was created to help steward and advance the principles of Integral Transformative Practice. ITPI serves as a hub for communications, education and research toward the broader aim of creating a society that realizes our human birthright to love, to feel deeply and to create.
ITII website, linked 08/16

International Association for Children's Spirituality

The International Association for Children's Spirituality seeks to promote and support research and practice in relation to children's spirituality within education and wider contexts of children's care and wellbeing.
Website, linked 08/16

International Association for Religious Freedom

Working for freedom of religion & belief at a global level. Encouraging interfaith dialogue & tolerance, with member groups in 25 countries, from faith traditions including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Shinto & Zoroastrianism. An International Council of 15 members, representing numerous faith groups, guides the work of the organisation.
Website, linked 08/16

International Center for Cultural Studies

A major objective of ICCS is to deepen relationships between people who respect and practice ancient traditions and cultures and foster collaborative efforts that draw on indigenous knowledge.
Website, linked 08/16

International Institute of Integral Human Sciences

A non-governmental organization, affiliated with the UN and working on the convergence of new sciences with spirituality and universal human values, creating inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding for world peace.
IIIHS website, linked 08/16

Josephson Institute

The Institute holds that ethical obligations are based on common ethical values applicable and knowable to all, regardless of gender, race, age, politics, or religion. Josephson Institute develops and delivers services and materials to increase ethical commitment, competence, and practice in all segments of society. Resources include articles, newsletters, and quotes. Fee-based resources also available.
Website, linked 08/16

Lucis Trust

With offices in New York, London, and Geneva, the Lucis Trust, founded by Alice and Foster Bailey, is dedicated to establishing right human relations. Its activities include the Alice Bailey Books/Lucis Publishing Companies, the Arcane School, World Goodwill, Triangles, The Reappearance of the Christ, Great Invocation, Meetings and Festivals.
Website, linked 08/16

Mind and Life Institute

A non-profit organization based in Boulder, CO, and dedicated to fostering dialogue and research at the highest possible level between modern science and the great living contemplative traditions, especially Buddhism, with the objectives of understanding the nature of reality and promoting human well-being.
Website, linked 08/16

Peace Abbey Multi-Faith Retreat Center

A Center near Boston dedicated to creating innovative models for society that empower individuals on the paths of nonviolence, peacemaking, and cruelty-free living and serves as a model for religious organizations, communities, and individuals seeking non-violent, pacifist pathways to peace and social justice.
Lokashakti website, linked 08/16

Positive Psychology Center

The Center promotes research, training, and education regarding the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive, with a focus on positive emotions, positive individual traits, and positive institutions.
University of Pennsylvania website, linked 08/16

Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Provides free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources to inspire people to practice kindness and to "pass it on" to others.
Website, linked 08/16


The Spiritual and Religious Alliance for Hope, known as SARAH, is composed of interfaith women committed to making a difference in their communities.
Website, linked 08/16

Selwyn Centre for Aging and Spirituality

Established as New Zealand’s voice for the spiritual needs of older people as they near their life’s end.
Selwyn Foundation website, linked 08/16

Seven Rays Institute

Focused on the preparation of human minds and hearts for the reappearance of the World Teacher and the coming externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, the Institute engages in a range of educational and service activities.
SRI website, linked 08/16

Sophia Foundation of North America

A nonprofit organization dedicated to manifest the impulse of the Divine Being of Sophia (Divine Wisdom) on Earth, with supporters throughout the United States, Canada, many countries in Europe, and other areas of the world.
Wisdom University website, linked 08/16

White Mountain Education Association

An educational and religious organization located in Prescott, AZ, USA providing training in the Ageless Wisdom and meditation as well as a new bimonthly newsletter, the publishing of Ageless Wisdom materials, and musical productions.
WMEA website, linked 08/16

Workplace Centre for Spiritual and Ethical Development

Located in Vancouver, Canada, the Centre promotes the benefits of individual spiritual well-being; supports the study and practice of business ethics; organizes programs and events that advance the understanding of spiritual values and ethical standards; and forms alliances with other organizations concerned with spirituality and ethics.
Website, linked 08/16

World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality

The Commission seeks to inspire consciousness of the wholeness of the human family and the sacred tapestry of all life, understanding spirituality as the foundation of a global consciousness that honors the wisdom found in the world's traditions, cultures and disciplines. It is action oriented and acknowledges awakening consciousness and spirituality as transformative powers for the common good.
Website, linked 08/16

World Council of Elders

A global organization dedicated to helping the world’s wisdom-keepers preserve and share their teachings in this very special time of transformation long prophesied by the wisdom-keepers or Elders of the world’s indigenous peoples.
Website, linked 08/16

Zygon Center for Religion and Science (ZCRS)

Zygon Center is located at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC). It is dedicated to relating religious traditions and the best scientific knowledge in order to gain insight into the origins, nature, and destiny of humans and their environment. The purpose of the Center is to bring together scientists, theologians, and other scholars to discuss and carry out research on basic questions and issues of human concern.
Website, linked 08/16

Membership organizations  top^

Association for Global New Thought

A network working in collaboration with New Thought churches and aligned organizations to form useful global networks for planetary healing through self-realization and spiritually-motivated activism.
Website, linked 08/16

Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis

Offers an opportunity to grow personally, interpersonally, and professionally while contributing to the ongoing growth and development of Psychosynthesis and to support the evolution of our planet towards greater wholeness, health and well-being.
Website, linked 08/16


Promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring the Earth and communities that honor the living web of the natural world as the most fertile source of inspiration and models and integrate science and spirit.
Website, linked 08/16

Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST)

A professional organization dedicated to promoting feminist ethical perspectives on philosophy, moral and political life, and public policy.
FEAST website, linked 08/16

Grandmothers for Peace International

A membership-based international activist group focused on the role that grandmothers can play as "keepers of the peace" and includes a Men's Auxiliary.
Website, linked 08/16

Institute of Noetic Sciences

A nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness in order to serve individual and collective transformation.
IONS website, linked 08/16

Integrating Spirituality and Organizational Leadership Foundation

ISOL Foundation is an initiative started by Sunita Singh Sengupta and shared by like-spirited people across the globe to promote leadership that nurtures the spirit of each person in order to create harmony at workplace and society.
Website, linked 08/16


A forum to promote and sponsor inter- and multi-disciplinary encounters by bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, with the aim to engender and nurture engagements that cross the boundaries of intellectual work.
Website, linked 08/16

Masonic Order, Grand Lodge, Ancient Universal Mysteries

A.U.M. presents a revitalised form of Masonry in all applications of the Masonic edifice, including the recomposition of its rituals, its Constitution, its Declaration of Masonic purposes, the training of Masons, and the admission of both men and women on an equal basis.
Website, linked 08/16

Peace Foundation

A not-for-profit organisation actively involved in creating a more peaceful society through education, research and action.
Website, linked 08/16

Theosophical Society

With global headquarters in India, the Theosophical Society is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood based on the realization that life, and all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisibly One. The Society imposes no belief on its members, who are united by a common search for Truth through study, reflection, purity of life and loving service.
Website, linked 08/16

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Founded in 1915, WILPF is the oldest women's peace organisation in the world and brings together women of different political beliefs and philosophies who are united in their determination to abolish the causes and the legitimization of war, violence, and coercion.
WILPF website, linked 08/16

Networks  top^

Ananda Marga

A global spiritual and social service organization founded in 1955 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar) with the mission of self-realization (individual emancipation) and service to humanity (collective welfare): the fulfillment of the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of all people.
Website, linked 08/16

Center for Integral Wisdom

An Activist Think Tank dedicated to partnering with leading thought leaders and change agents to transform and evolve the source code of culture through application of Integral principles.
Website, linked 08/16

Coalition of Visionary Resources

A not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to supporting independent retailers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers & publishers of visionary books, music & merchandise.
Website, linked 08/16


An independent group of eminent global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, who offer their collective influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering, and promote the shared interests of humanity.
Website, linked 08/16

Faith and the Common Good

An intentionally inter-faith and inter-cultural organization focused on working together towards the common good. The current focus of initiatives in Renewing the Sacred Balance - rekindling our relationship with one another and with the entire community of creatures who share the biosphere of Earth.
Website, linked 08/16

Gaia Community

A social network developed to inspire and empower persons to be the change they want to see in the world.
Website, linked 08/16

Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice

A communications network for faith-based activist groups actively seeking peace and justice, hosting a searchable directory of more than 750 organizations, in 20 categories, all hot-linked.
Website, linked 08/16

Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC)

A global initiative to build mutual respect and pluralism among young people from different religious traditions by empowering them to work together to serve others. Instead of focusing a dialogue on political or theological differences, we build relationships on the values that we share, such as hospitality and caring for the Earth, and how we can live out those values together to contribute to the betterment of our community.
Website, linked 08/16

International Network on Personal Meaning

Dedicated to advancing health, spirituality, peace, and human fulfillment through research, education, and applied psychology with a focus on the universal human quest for meaning and purpose.
Website, linked 08/16

Interspirit Foundation

Develops projects that recognize the great possibilities inherent in a wise international culture and support movement into an inspired era of mutual understanding and co-creativity.
Website, linked 08/16


Part of a growing international network of individuals and groups exploring the dynamic interface between cosmos, nature and culture.
Metanexus website, linked 08/16

Network 2012

An international networking effort started soon after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 in order to help light workers around the world to re-discover one another; to share ideas, resources, and challenges; to improve communication, and to explore ways to cooperate on behalf of positive planetary transformation.
Website, linked 08/16

Network for Grateful Living (ANG*L)

A non-profit organization dedicated to gratefulness, a universal principle that serves as the core inspiration for personal healing, cross-cultural understanding, interfaith dialogue, intergenerational respect, and ecological sustainability. The website provides a range of resources for living in the gentle power of gratefulness, which restores courage, reconciles relationships, and heals our Earth.
Website, linked 08/16

Network of Spiritual Progressives

An organization dedicated to building a vibrant spiritual progressive movement that replaces a culture of selfishness and materialism with one imbued with love, kindness, generosity, open-heartedness, nonviolence, and radical amazement at the grandeur of the universe.
NSP website, linked 08/16

NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values, and Global Concerns

Formed to integrate spirituality and values into all areas of the United Nations agenda and of public policy by supporting the spiritual principles, global ethics and universal values such as respect, justice, peace, dignity, freedom, responsibility and cooperation, that underlie the work of the United Nations as reflected in the Charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Website, linked 08/16

North American Interfaith Network

NAIN's focus is to support the growth of interfaith understanding by supporting the work of member organizations from a range of spiritual traditions that are dedicated to building bridges of interfaith understanding, cooperation, and service.
NAIN website, linked 08/16

Peace for Life

A global faith-based movement resisting militarised globalisation and creating life-enhancing alternatives.
Website, linked 08/16

Pioneers of Change

A network of young people, in their 20's and early 30's, who self-select to join by embracing the purpose and the five principles of the network: being yourself, doing what matters, starting now, engaging with others, and continuing to ask questions.
Website, linked 08/16

Religion and Spirituality in Society

Religion and Spirituality in Society is an international conference, a cross-disciplinary scholarly journal, a book imprint and an online knowledge community which, together, set out to describe, analyze and interpret the role of religion and spirituality in society.
Religion in Society website, linked 08/16

Religions for Peace

The largest global coalition of representatives from the world’s great religions dedicated to promoting peace. Founded in 1970, Religions for Peace is active on every continent and in some of the most troubled areas of the world, creating multi-religious partnerships to confront our most dire issues: stopping war, ending poverty, and protecting the earth.
Website, linked 08/16

Renaissance Universal

A network of people who believe that we must make an effort to improve society and the world through a renaissance based on neo-humanistic values and who seek to communicate and create expanded opportunities for concerned individuals to co-operate, discuss and channel their creative talents in positive personal and social directions.
Website, linked 08/16

Spiritual Heritage Education Network

SHEN is dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of education in the spiritual heritage of humanity with a view to engendering human integration both locally and globally.
Website, linked 08/16

Spiritual Science Fellowship

A Canadian inter-faith association providing spiritual services and educational programs regardless of their religious background who desire to understand experiences of Psyche and Spirit. Persons actively participating include Buddhists, Christians, Jains, Jews, Hindus, Native Medicine practitioners, Sikhs, and Spiritualists.
Website, linked 08/16

Training for Change

A group working to spread the skills of democratic, nonviolent social change. Workshops, publications, and training tools.
Website, linked 08/16

Universe Spirit

Integrative Spirituality is both a host and support for a (r)evolutionary, integral and integrative experiential process that can support both your personal spiritual practice and personal life goals by including the best of all religions and sciences without their worst.
Website, linked 08/16

World Pulse

World Pulse is an online community of women and allies worldwide who speak out and build solutions to today’s biggest challenges.
Website, linked 08/16

World Service Intergroup

An international network of Ageless Wisdom groups committed to developing intergroup contact, cooperation and synthetic, subjective work.
WSI website, linked 08/16

WorldShift International

The WorldShift International website is a portal to information that supports and encourages both an inner-world, and external world shift, and aims to provide resources that will help to empower individuals in their own process, as well as an awareness for the urgent need for global change.
Kingsley L.D. website, linked 08/16

Youth Lead

Youth Lead is deisgned to inspire and mobilize youth leaders to reflect upon their values and beliefs, connect with others across differences, and act together to address local and global challenges. Formerly known as formerly Interfaith Action, Inc.
Website, linked 08/16

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