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Support for Spiritual Development

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Spirituality in practice

Women and spirituality

Below are resources that include, enhance, and honor women's spiritual history and experience.

Feminist ethics  top^

Feminist Ethics

A good overview article on feminist ethics as a discipline that revises, reformulates, or rethinks those aspects of traditional western ethics that depreciate or devalue women's moral experience.
Rosemary Tong & Nancy Williams, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, linked 08/16

Reclaiming and the Goddess  top^

13 Grandmothers Share Their Earthly Wisdom

The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers came together in 2004 as the fulfillment of a shared prophecy among female spiritual leaders. Since then they've been traveling the world and working locally as spiritual activists, medicine women, tribal elders and advocates for sustaining indigenous ways of life.
Women's E news, Kristin Bender, 11/25/07, linked 08/16

Products and services that encourage women and girls to build healthy self-esteem through uncovering their natural wisdom. The site includes a 'Goddess Quiz' which can be interpreted as a snapshot of your personality/goddess type at the time you take the quiz.
Website, linked 08/16

Ariadne Institute for the Study of Myth and Ritual

Life-transforming programs for women in Greece linked to exploring the ancient and contemporary myths and rituals of the Goddess.
Website, linked 08/16

Covenant of the Goddess

An international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solitary practitioners. The website is an excellent source of information about the CoG organization and activities, as well as the religious beliefs and practices which comprise Wicca.
Website, linked 08/16

Faces of WomanSpirit

A site designed to honor the Goddess and Her many guises as She reveals It through the Moon, the Planets, Worlds, Time, and of course yourself.
Website, linked 08/16

Goddess Resource Page

An excellent cross-section of resources.
Belili Productions, linked 08/16


A web cross-quarterly magazine for Goddess women.
Website, linked 07/16

PaGaian Cosmology

A website celebrating cosmogenesis – the Triple Spiral – each particular beautiful Self, new in every moment – deep relationship and communion with Other, the web of life – direct participation in the sentience of the Creative Cosmos, the Well of Creativity.
Website, linked 08/16


A journal celebrating the Goddess in every woman.
Website, linked 08/16

Starhawk's Tangled Web

Provides a wide range of resources on the Goddess movement and Earth-based, feminist spirituality, as well as specific information on Starhawk's writings, projects, and schedule.
Website, Linked 08/16

Witches' Voice

A proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Wiccans open to all adherents who follow a positive code of ethics such as The Wiccan Rede or The Ring of Troth's, Nine Virtues. An excellent clearinghouse.
Website, linked 08/16

Women of Faith and Spirit: Exploratory Conversation 2

What is the special contribution of women to spiritual leadership? An audio exploration with 25 women on the leadership style, paradigm and next steps for women of faith and spirit.
Internet Archive website, linked 08/16

Women of Spirit and Faith

Women of Spirit and Faith exists to invite the many brilliant threads of feminine spiritual leadership into relationship and to support emerging patterns for transformation.
Website, linked 08/16

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