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Service Growth

Support for Spiritual Development

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Spiritual growth

Spiritual travel

One of the ways that we grow spiritually is by experiencing the energy of sacred sites, whether through pilgrimmages, tours, or time spent in retreat.

Destination tours  top^

Body Mind Spirit Journeys

Provides sacred journeys for spiritual travelers wanting to visit and connect with the powerful energies of the world's most important ancient sacred sites. This year the focus is on Egypt, England, France, Ireland, Peru, Sedona, Tibet/Nepal, and Turkey. Also provide tours for women only to Egypt, England, Ireland, Peru, and Sedona.
Website, linked 08/16

Dance of the Deer Foundation

Organizes pilgrimages, retreats and journeys to spectacular sacred places of power worldwide to learn ancient Huichol Indian practices of health and healing. Destinations include Alaska, California, Crete, Germany, Italy, Japan, New York State, and Washington State.
Website, linked 08/16

Dancing Spirit Tours

Dancing Spirit Tours is a family run business working to cultivate holistic relationships with customers, each other, and the Earth.
Website linked 08/16

Journeys of the Spirit

Provides sacred journeys and spiritual retreats for students on a spiritual paths, with some organized for women only. Destinations include Belize, Bhutan, Egypt, Greece, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Sedona, Vietnam & Cambodia.
Website, linked 08/16

Power Places Tours

Transformational tours with keynote speakers. Spirit-centered excursions to the world's most spiritual and powerful places. 2012: Peru, Yucatan, Ireland, Egypt, Tibet, Malta, Japan, Crete, France
Website, linked 08/16

Sacred Britain Tours

Specializing in the magical landscape of ancient sacred sites in England and Scotland, including Stonehenge and other power centers related to the Celtic tradition as well as new crop circles.
Website, linked 08/16

Sacred Earth Journeys

Organizes sacred journeys to explore and connect with the spiritual energies and ancient traditions at some of the most important Sacred Sites and Sacred Places around the world - currently Bhutan, Egypt, England, the Holy Land, India, Mexico, and Peru. Focused on a range of ancient spiritual traditions: the Incas, the Mayas, the Toltecs, the Druids, the Celts, the ancient Egyptians, and other Goddess Traditions, Wisdom Schools, and Shamanic Traditions.
Website, linked 08/16

Spirit Journeys

Provides guided pilgrimages to Cambodia/Laos/Thailand, Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Sedona, with specific tours exclusively for gay and bisexual men.
Website, linked 08/16

Dedicated to eco spiritual travel that creates once-in-a-lifetime experiences in Spirit-nurturing settings while supporting sanctuaries for wild animals and sacred places. Includes swims with wild dophins and tours in Sedona, New Mexico, and Florida.
Website, linked 08/16

Spiritual retreats  top^

Aurovalley Ashram

Dedicated to the practice of Integral Yoga based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the Ashram is open to all creeds and ideologies in harmony with this pursuit. In a beautiful natural setting, Aurovalley Ashram is an inspiring place to engage deeper in one's spiritual path.
Website, linked 08/16

New Age Center

Offers a retreat in the Catskill Mountains near Ellenville, NY, USA, that includes the option of a monastic experience.
Website, linked 08/16

Retreats Online

Lists over 2000 retreats worldwide: conference and retreat centers, executive and business retreats, health and healing retreats, religious and spiritual retreats, retreats for women, retreats for groups, couples and individuals, retreat workshops; weekend retreat getaways.
Website, linked 08/16

Sedona Soul Adventures

Organizes personal spiritual retreats in Sedona, USA, a place famous for its transformational energies.
Website, linked 08/16

Sedona Spiritual Journeys

Provides a calendar of upcoming sacred journeys and retreats via travel throughout the world.
Stellar productions website, linked 08/16

Shambhala Mountain Center

Hosts meditation retreats in the mountains of northern Colorado, USA, focused on the wisdom traditions of Shambhala.
Website, linked 08/16

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