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Effective groups

Decision making

Consensus building and conflict resolution are key components of how we work together and reflect our spiritual practices and values.

Conflict resolution  top^

Beyond Intractability

Contains a range of resources to assist in avoiding and resolving conflicts that seem to be stuck in an increasingly destructive spiral.
Website, linked 08/16

Conflict Resolution

A brief outline of how to approach conflict resolution.
Tree Bressen, linked 08/16

Conflict Resolution Principles

Nine principles for constructive conflict resolution, drawn from Fisher & Ury, "Getting to Yes."
Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Inc., Copyright 2008, linked 08/16 Resolution

Dealing Constructively With Intractable Conflicts

An Online Course from Beyond Intractability available for self study.
Website, linked 08/16

Eight Steps for Conflict Resolution

Outlines eight steps for conflict resolution, and provides other resources.
University of Wisconsin-Madison website, linked 08/16

Interpersonal Relationships and Conflict Resolution

Short, useful article highlighting the differences between task-oriented and process-oriented persons.
Rob Sandelin, Community Resource Guide (1997), linked 08/16

Nine Principles for Conflict Resolution and Peace Negotiations

Constructive principles for resolving conflict from Deepak Chopra.
Blog Online website, linked 08/16

Principled Negotiation

Excellent summary of the interest-based approach to negotiation set out in the best-known conflict resolution book, "Getting to Yes," first published in 1981 by Roger Fisher and William Ury.
University of Colorado, linked 08/16

When Upset Arises During a Meeting

This brief offers questions to help make the judgement call on whether or not to engage in an emotionally charged issue, and then how to either lay the issue aside or delve into it.
Tree Bressen website linked 08/16

Consensus process  top^

Basics of Consensus

Excellent summary of what the consensus process is and isn't, and how to make it work effectively in groups.
Rob Sandelin, Consensus Works!, linked 08/16

Comparing Consensus Decision-Making and Robert's Rules

A brief chart comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each method of decision making.
Tree Bressen website linked 08/16

Consensus Decision Making

Excellent short overview article on what consensus requires and the challenges to a consensus process.
Mary McGhee, linked 08/16

Consensus Decision-Making

Excellent brief summary of the principles and practices of the consensus process, including a flow chart.
Tree Bressen, linked 08/16

How to Use a Consensus Process to Make Decisions

A clear, practical article on using the consensus process.
Sheila Kerrigan, Connexipedia, linked 08/16

Voting Fallbacks

Useful guidelines for voting fallbacks to consensus.
Tree Bressen, linked 08/16

What Are Dialogue & Deliberation?

An easy-to-read overview from the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation that examines the differences between dialogue and deliberation, how they can work together, and practical applications.
NCDD website, linked 08/16

Working with Blocks and Concerns

Excellent brief summary of how to approach blocks to the formation of consensus.
Tree Bressen, linked 08/16

Decision-making principles  top^

Decision Trees: Choosing by Projecting "Expected Outcomes"

Decision Trees are excellent tools for helping you to choose between several courses of action. They provide a highly effective structure within which you can lay out options and investigate the possible outcomes of choosing those options.
Mind Tools Website, linked 08/16

Decision-Making Principles

Eight questions to be answered prior to a decision being reached.
Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Inc., Copyright 2008, linked 08/16

Ethical Decision Making: How to Make Ethical Decisions in 5 Steps

A short piece on what is ethical and how to consider ethics in decision making.
Lyndsay Swinton, “Management for the rest of us,” linked 08/16

How to Make Decisions: How to Do a Cost Benefit Analysis in 3 Easy Steps

A synopsis of how to analyze costs and and benefits and make a decision accordingly...all in 3 easy steps.
Lyndsay Swinton, “Management for the rest of us,” linked 08/16

How to Make Decisions: Six Hats Thinking

Excellent summary of de Bono's six hats approach, showing how it forces one to look at issues from multiple perspectives.
Lyndsay Swinton, “Management for the rest of us,” linked 08/16

Principles of Decision Making

Eleven principles of collaborative problem solving to promote lateral communication and shared decision-making.
Natural Resources Research Institute, linked 08/16

Six Thinking Hats: Looking at a Decision from All Points of View

"Six Thinking Hats", (created by Edward de Bono), is a powerful technique that helps you look at important decisions from a number of different perspectives. It helps you make better decisions by pushing you to move outside your habitual ways of thinking.
Mind Tools Website, linked 08/16

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