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Service Growth

Support for Spiritual Development

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Spiritual growth

Reflective pieces

These pieces provide input and stimulation for our meditative reflection.

Feminist spirituality articles  top^

Challenge of Feminist Spirituality

A brief look at the author's suggestion that, "the whole idea that God will work through some facets of creation, but not through others, defies the whole definition of God."
beliefnet website, Sr. Joan Chittister, linked 08/16

Reclaiming the Feminine Mystery of Creation

A brief article on the impact of focus on a disembodied, transcendent (male) God and disavowing the feminine as the matrix of creation.
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, © 2007 The Golden Sufi Center, linked 08/16

Sophia's Sisters - Articles on Feminist Spirituality

Entire 1998 issue devoted to feminist thinking.
CrossCurrents, linked 08/16

What Is Feminist Spirituality?

A talk given at the University of British Columbia’s Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies.
Dorothy Riddle, Service-Growth Consultants Copyright 2008, linked 08/16 Is Feminist

Nature of reality  top^

Hidden History of Humanity

Provides text on an alternative to "consensus" history based on esoteric texts and ancient scriptures from all traditions.
Website, linked 08/16

Living Joyously

Joy is a quality of the Soul that produces a delight so extreme that we radiate and express it spontaneously. Four major reasons are given for why this does not always happen and what we can do differently.
Dorothy Riddle, School for Esoteric Studies website, linked 08/16

Six Basic Manifestations of Co-Intelligence

An article on six types of co-intelligence, of which one is "universal intelligence" or the intrinsic tendency for things to self-organize and co-evolve into ever more complex, intricately interwoven and mutually compatible forms, which some might describe as the mind or will of God or Spirit.
Tom Atlee, Co-Intelligence Institute website, linked 08/16

Spiritual Awakenings

Early spiritual experiences for children can provide the foundation for a lifelong sense of identity and purpose.
Buddhist Channel, by Robin Evans, linked 08/16,855,0,0,1,0

Spirituality is Key to Kids' Happiness

A brief article on research showing that children who feel that their lives have meaning and value and who develop deep, quality relationships – both measures of spirituality – are happier.
EmaxHealth website, linked 08/16

Steps Toward Inner Peace

Print your own 'Steps Toward Inner Peace' booklet from a pdf file, read a transcript from a KPFK radio talk, Los Angeles, and read other articles and excerpts from the newsletters.
Peace Pilgrim booklet, linked 08/16

Symphony of Science

A musical project headed by John Boswell designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.
Website, linked 08/16

What Spirituality Is All About

An article that outlines the essence of sprituality as differentiated from religion. Excerpted from his book, "Spirit Matters."
Michael Lerner, New Renaissance, 10 (2), linked 08/16

WorldShift: The Quest for a Quantum Leap in Human Affairs

A short article on what is needed in order for humanity to survive and not become extinct.
Unhypnotize website, by E. Laszlo, linked 08/16

Spiritual laws and principles  top^

Four Powerful Keys for Spiritual Development

An article discussing four powerful keys to spiritual development based on the Ageless Wisdom.
Centre for Visionary Leadership website, © 1999 by Corinne McLaughlin, linked 08/16

Global Ethic and Religions

A layered look at the 3 major systems of religion currents of the world: 1. Near-Eastern prophetic religions 2. Indian mystical religions 3. Far-Easter wisdom religions Excellent short-byte overviews on click-through layers.
GEF website, linked 08/16

Golden Rule

Includes numerous links to information and resources on this Ethic of Reciprocity, which is often described as a universal ethical principle.
Scarboro Missions website, linked 08/16

Healing: Universal Spiritual Principles That Work

A short, easy to read article on the importance of nurturing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balance in our lives.
Hub Pages website, by Denny Lyon, linked 08/16

I Say a Little Prayer for You: What Prayer Really Means

A short article by Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of the Omega Institute (New York), on how she understands prayer, in its various forms: words, silence, music.
Oprah website, By Elizabeth Lesser, April 08, 2010, website linked 08/16

It Matters to Our World How You Think

Our thoughts have more of an effect on the world than we ever imagined.
Katharine Riddle, School for Esoteric Studies, linked 08/16

Joy: A Spiritual Practice

Joy is an essential spiritual practice growing out of faith, grace, gratitude, hope, and love. A brief overview of the basic practice and numerous resources on the practice (left side-bar).
Website, linked 08/16

Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Souls

An adaptation from "The Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Souls" booklet by Frances Adams Moore published by The Group for Creative Meditation, Meditation Mount.
Souled Out website, linked 08/16

Learning to Work With and Respond to Shamballa Will Energy

An article on the recognition of, receptivity to, and focus on the Shamballa Will energy in order to work with it effectively.
Dorothy Riddle, Esoteric Quarterly, Fall 2008, linked 08/16

Next Big Bang: Awakening to Conscious Evolution

An article that addresses where the author sees religion and spirituality headed at the dawn of the Third Millennium.
IE website, by Craig Hamilton, linked 08/16

Occult Reticience: A Principle of Right Action

An excellent reminder of the importance of avoiding uncontrolled talking and remembering that energy follows thought.
Tom Carney, Arcana Workshops, linked 08/16

Principles of the Ageless Wisdom Illuminating a New World

An article that provides some key principles of the Ageless Wisdom, or the "Golden Thread" that connects the inner, hidden teachings at the heart of the world’s religions, East and West.
Centre for Visionary Leadership website, © Corinne McLaughlin, linked 08/16

Spiritual Techniques for Thriving Amidst Economic Crisis

An article detailing 16 spiritual techniques that leverage the causality of consciousness to help you weather the economic storm.
CVL website, Corinne McLaughlin, 2009, linked 08/16

Talks by Alice A. Bailey

Transcripts of Friday evening talks given by esoteric teacher and writer, Alice Bailey, to students of the Arcane School.
School for Esoteric Studies website, linked 08/16

Ten Commitments

Rabbi Michael Lerner's re-versioning and clarifying of notions that reflect our need for a sense of responsibility to one another and all there is.
Compassionate Christian, linked 08/16

Ten Ways to Stay Spiritually Connected

Whether you practice a traditional religion or relate to a more universal spirituality, these steps can help you tap into a sense of unlimited peace.
Oprah website, By Marianne Williamson, linked 08/16

Uriel Website

Ageless Wisdom resources, including articles, presentations, and workshops by John Nash, long-time student of the Tibetan Master.
Website, linked 08/16

Will in Its Various Forms

An article describing the three aspects of Will energy - the will-to-be, the will-to-good, the will-to-know - and how we can work with them are different points of tension. Page 33.
Dorothy Riddle, Esoteric Quarterly, Spring 2007, linked 08/16

Wise Use of Destructive Energy

An article exploring the positive nature of the destructive component of the cycle of destruction and renewal and its importance in spiritual discipline. Page 25.
Dorothy Riddle, Esoteric Quarterly, Spring 2008, linked 08/16

Statements of spiritual values  top^

Beliefs & Ethics of the Naqshbandi Path

A statement of 31 inclusive beliefs.
Golden Sufi website, linked 08/16

Common Ground Statement of Values

A statement of the common values of the Findhorn Foundation community. It is a living document, a code of conduct, and is used as a tool for transformation for participants, the community and the world.
Findhorn website, linked 08/16

What Is the Baha'i Faith?

A summary of the fundamental principles of this inclusive spiritual tradition that recognizes the essential oneness of the world’s great religions and works towards the elimination of all forms of prejudice and eocnomic disparity based on the oneness of humanity.
Baha'i website, linked 08/16

What Unitarians and Universalists Believe

A summary of commonly-held beliefs for Unitarians and Universalists who form a common faith community though they hold different views on such matters as God, immortality, and the value of religious traditions.
Charles Eddis, Canadian Unitarian Council, linked 08/16

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