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Service Growth

Support for Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth

Meditation work

Meditation is a cornerstone of both personal spiritual development and increasing goodwill in our world. These resources include outlines for Full Moon meditations, versions of the Great Invocation, and opportunities for instruction in meditation.

Monitoring your spiritual growth

Growth implies change and so monitoring your spiritual growth is an important part of ensuring that you are changing in a direction of importance to you.

Reflective pieces

These pieces provide input and stimulation for our meditative reflection.

Related academic programs

These academic programs have a curriculum component focused on spirituality, though spiritual development is not their entire focus.

Spiritual study options

These options include both degree and non-degree opportunities for structured spiritual study.

Spiritual tools

This section provides you with resources to help understand and manage some of the key tasks that we face as souls.

Spiritual travel

One of the ways that we grow spiritually is by experiencing the energy of sacred sites, whether through pilgrimmages, tours, or time spent in retreat.

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Monday, June 21, 2021